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Monday, January 23, 2012

TRANSFORM like a transformer :)

Assalamualaikum wbt :)

Hola guys. to those whom celebrating Chinese New Year, I would love to say Gong Xi Fat Chai. may this year brings you luck, prosperity and much much much loves. :) I'm in hostel now, celebrating my CNY without any fun activities to do since the weather in JB was not in a good term, n for sure its a little bit annoying. ( nak sidai pakaian pon susa =.= )

btw, I spent my time today with my friends , trying to find out new ways of wearing shawl and pashmina. For your information, they're both Non-Muslim, so its an honour actually for them to do this for me. Its nothing to do with religion, I'm just trying to kills the time n yeah for sure we have lots of fun. They look real gorgeous in "Jilbab" and since I'm posted some of the pictures in Facebook, I got lots of comments stating that they look beautiful, yes for sure they are. :))

You know what guys, sometimes life throws things out of blue. that's why God given us choice in life. Everyday, we make choices and we dealt with the repercussions of our own choices. somehow, there's time when we actually stuck in between dealing with the obstacles and achieving our dreams. Some people can achieve their goals with their own effort, some get helps from others, some happened without us expecting anything. not even a single thought, it's magically happened. Whatever it is, be sure to what you what, stick to that plan, and step forward. It's good to do something continuously, rather than waiting for magic to show its power. If you're lucky enough, it might be. If you're LUCKY enough.

So here is the pictures of my friends, my simply touch on them. I know its nothing for all of you out there, but for me its really something. Just want to say, we can TRANSFORM our life, to whatever "roads" we want. Do your best in choosing , take your time. :)

She's beautiful . I'm stunned. there are lots of people out there agrees to this statement.
( Lisa)

Have nothing more to say, they're blessed to have this undeniably pretty looks.
( Lisa n Dulcy )

Gorgeous :)

 cute ^_^

thanks for being there, be my so-called-models :)

Mommy is missing you, Epon.. To my Encik Debab ,

Sometimes, I just might not be there for you but perhaps I'm actually be. Not seeing me doesn't mean that I'm not with you. It only means that it's not my body stand at your side, but my heart is.

PANTUN 2 kerat : 

Hearts are for beating, 
Dreams are full of meaning. 

pstttt : Love, mine is full of you.  :)

p/s : how is it? hehehe. btw, just want to say, to all people out there, enjoy every second that you have without failing to remember Him. you will never know, when your comes to leave the world. so yeah, appreciate and take care of your life. Remember, we've an option towards everything. thanks for reading, till see ya ! *much loves

***yang baik amik, yang buruk buang jauh-jauh***

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