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Friday, January 20, 2012

simple yet memorable DINNER ^_^

Assalamualaikum wbt ^_^

On Thursday, my classmate n I went to Hutan Bandar Bistro for dinner as one of my classmate, Alex sponsored the food. It's totally awesome n we're all happy. Alex gave his speech, stating that he was sponsored us the food without any exact purpose. It just he want us to be happy with our foundation result, n of course he's got the highest pointer, 3.58. congrats Alex ^_^  

1 PISMP TESL 4, we have been together for almost 2 years. I really hope that our friendship will lasts forever and we will be an excellent teacher in the future. Fighting !

Main part of the night , yummy ! ^_^

Main characters for that night. haha. they're all my OHSEM classmate. :)

I really hope we can stay this way, friends :) 

We are born to be OHSEM. yeayy !

p/s : Again, thanks Alex for the dinner. and of course to my classmate, thanks guys for being so awesome. What I can reflect from this simple yet memorable dinner, good friends simply such a priceless gift. Sometimes, there's friend that behaves differently to what he/she ought to, but that doesn't mean they cannot be a great friend. So many sometimes that my friends are being so stupid and annoying, and when others ask me, why I still want to be friend and stick to that kind of person, my answer still n always be the same, I love my friends, and it will stay that way. btw, thanks for reading ! see ya. much loves.

***yang baik amik, yang buruk buang jauh-jauh***

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