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Saturday, January 14, 2012

MONSTER in happily-ever-after relationship

Assalamualaikum wbt ^_^

Sihat? Harap2 sihat la ye. sory lama ta update blog, kinda busy. hoho. mcm2 jadi dalam tempoh seminggu ni. da dapat result foundation. dissappointment, I must say. and for sure , I don't have the guts to tell my "ummi" bout this. :( my result was not that bad, but for sure I can perform better than this. btw, today's entry is about "MONSTER" obstacles in happily-ever-after relationship.


For a relationship to grow, there must be ups n downs. Arguments + fighting-over-stupid-things + lack of affection + new crush , are normal. Come on ! Don't be like a frog underneath coconut shell. Open up your mind, and try to accept n perceive things from different perspective. Sometimes, things will not go the way we want them to. If that "things" can threatening your relationship, you should come up with a few resolutions. Don't just stand there, and pose like a mannequin. Please, don't hope for a miracle to happen. Your life is no Doraemon or Harry Potter's wand. You can't just wave a magic wand and things will get better. It is an action that will make things better. Believe me ! :)

Be good !

Roadblock #1 : Dating your classmate+co-worker+ best friend. 

Of course it is awesome to meet or dating someone that you really know rather than choose to be with stranger that you pick up from Facebook or any other networking sites. You will get to see their true colours, their character traits, the devil lies within themselves. Everything, if you're blessed enough. but somehow there's a possibility of that happily-ever-after relationship have a messy break-up and you have to continue working over something , together. It is important to realise that you must be a professional in the office @ class. besides, always have in mind what might happen if both of you go with separate or different ways. Don't act  like a child ! Stalk + revenge, will help you nothing.

***Sometimes we have to meet several heart-breaker before finally meet our heart-keeper.***

Roadblock #2 :  Approval from your family , T.T 

Your family doesn't approve. What might be the concrete reason for this? My "ummi" is an ambitious housewife and my future-husband's more likely to be dreamy out-of-work , they might not have a "whole" lot in common. so Mr.Love, you better work out.  btw, don't ever turn your back from your family. According to Erica Frydenberg, professor of psychology at the University of Melbourne, parents often anxious and concern bout the financial security and safety of their kids. Therefore, please don't blame them if there'll be a disapproval. Be absolutely clear why you're want to end up your life with this man @ woman. I'm pretty sure that you don't want to pay your house rent, alone. This kind of relationship might not be sustainable in a long term. however, let your wannabe sweetheart involve in any family occasions. Perhaps, your wannabe sweetheart have awesome portfolio that will impress your parents, insyaAllah :)

Family should be your main priority.

Roadblock #3 :  Long distance relationship. 

What do you mean by distance, young warlock? For me , the distance means no physical interactions which actually contribute to create a strong physical bones in a relationship. world is actually getting better with the improvements in technology, somehow Skype, email, text, video call, help you to be in LDR. however, no fightings via email, sms, or any networking sites status @ updates. If there is a misunderstanding, call each other as soon as possible. this seems to be a trifles, but for sure it will affects your relationship. Next, try to have face-to-face interaction. this is really important as relationships will actually go through emotional imbalance. You'll never want to lose that lovey-dovey feeling towards your loved one.

Fake is NO good :)

p/s : Are both partners in a relationship putting in the same effort to make their relationship works? Some things, are just not worth accepting in the name of love. btw, I have a crush on Colin Morgan <3 . Have a blessed Saturday, guys ! thanks for reading. see ya ! :)

***Yang baik amik, yang buruk buang jauh-jauh***

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