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Friday, December 30, 2011

Facts about guy that a MUST for girl to know :)

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Wahhh. hari ni last day 2011. ta suke sgt sebab 3hb nanti dah kne balik maktab, STUDY  =.= .. tp yang best dapat jumpa kawan-kawan balik. so back to business, hari ni ayie nak ckp fakta tentang si Encik yang si Cik patut taw . Actually, I've read bout this somewhere. It just, I don't know how far the truth is. so guys out there, feel free to hit "Kata orang OHSEM" button below. It'll be much appreciated :)

1) They actually don't go for good-looking girls .
Lelaki ni die lebih prefer pompuan yang kemas n boleh menyesuaikan diri dengan sesuatu situasi. If you're good looking by means , "beautiful" , It'll b a huge BONUS. I think its normal, sebab da fitrah manusia suke kepada benda2 yang cantik. cuma, ta semestinya yang CANTIK itu menawan, dan ta semestinya yang kurang cantik itu tidak menawan.  :)

2) Guy's cry ( ok ! ini paling ayie suka ) 
Eh eh, jangan ta percaya. lelaki badan ketul ketul  mcm Undertaker pon nanges tau when it comes or concern bout their loved ones. Lelaki nanges , extremely cute ok ! seriously cute. :)

3) Guys usually try hard to get the girl who dumped him. =.=  
Ok ! yang ni ayie rasa betol as it happened to a friend of  mine. Walaupon ayie rasa diorang bodoh sebab they still go for a girl yang memang ta appreciate their existence, but that's the way things are. Lelaki ni jenis yang sokmo nak diorang yang menang. so when there's a girl who dares enough to dumped them, ape lagi , rasa dikalahkan dan kelelakian tuh da tergugat kot. tu yang keep on chasing mcm Tom n Jerry.

4) Girls are guys weaknesses ! 
Hahahahaa. Ever heard this saying? "Behind every successful man, there is a woman" . Memang la. tapi orang ta penah nak ckp "behind every unsuccessful man, there is a woman also". Bak kata video hindustan yang ayie tgok malam tdi, kalo nak kira, lebih banyak lelaki yang ta berjaya dari yang berjaya kan. haha. no offence. :)

5) Lelaki ta bole nak simpan rahsia yang pompuan bgtau =.= 
Ok ! pasni takkan bgtau lagi rahsia kat lelaki. Patot la kalo bgtau abah rahsia, umi confirm dapat tau. It make sense. XD

6) A guy must experience rejection. 
This is a must. If he's too good n never get been busted, he'll never grow up n matured. Personally, this one applies to woman also. Men and women, must experiences rejection. Btw, It's a cycle of  life. So just go through with it n everythings gonna be OK ! :)

7) Kalo lelaki tipu korang , n asks for a second chance, give it to him. Tapi kalo buat lagi, korang da bole "Blah" . 
Make it simple. Everyone deserves second chance, but obviously not for the same mistakes. Yang pompuan pon kalo lelaki buat silap, jangan la sampai nak meroyan. relax-relax dah la. :)

8) kalo pompuan ckp "NO" , lelaki perceives benda tu as "TRY AGAIN TOMORROW" .
For this one, I'm speechless. hahahha. I don't know how far the truth is. :)

I never intended to b the most important person in your life, that's just too much to ask. But I do hope that I'd cross you mind and you'd smile thinking that I touched your life in a special way. 
**Encik Debab**

p/s : For this entry, no offence. Guys, need your views n comments. till see ya ! :)

***yang baik amik, yang buruk buang jauh-jauh***


  1. hahahahaha
    dah terkena 1 part.

  2. part yang..
    tatau tatau.

  3. cool nya. ada betulnya benda niy. comel :)

    1. kannn. suke part yg girls are guys weaknesses. bia padan muke depa ! :)

  4. ayie, tom n jerry tue siapa?? yg saling kejar mengejar.. haiqal

    1. hahaha. hoi. tom n jeery tuh cite disney. ta penah tgok ke bang? hahahaha. eqal skodeng blog aku wehhh. (muke bangga)


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