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Friday, December 9, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt. :)

hye guys. so for this entry, ayie nak ckp pasal BESTFRIEND. sume orang ade kawan. kawan baik, kawan untuk happy je, kawan sekelas, kawan istimewa, kawan makan kawan.  pendek kata mcm-macam jenis kawan la, senang cite. :)

Ok. so jom kita terjah definisi "bestfriend" ni. According to English Dictionary, "bestfriend" can be define as the friend that you know and like better than anyone else. We're more likely to be much comfortable with this specific friend in compared with the other friends we have. Kiranye lagi "kamceng" atau "masyuk" g2 la. ^_^

Ayie pon ade bestfriend. yang ayie anggap da mcm adik bradik sndri dah. she's pretty, kind-hearted, unique in her own way. Ayie syg dia sgt2. siyes siyes. haha. Even kitorang takde la kenal lama mana, da masok 2 tahun , tapi ntah. Orang kampung ayie ckp, ade C H E M I S T R Y :) hihi.

dulu kitorang same2 kat Uitm. But then I'm quitting as I go for teacher training centre in JB, same goes to her. I mean die pon quit sbb die smbung study kat Kolej Kesihatan Bersekutu . Nak jadi nurse. harap2 selamat la sume patient yang die bakal serve t. haha. ( SELAMAT ). Nama die ? Hihi. Nama die Nurfarehah Liamin. Orang kuat dekat Tuaran . Let's see her ohsem pictures that I have. ^_^

Lawa kan? I love you, shbt :)

This one, dekat Pantai Dalit Tuaran. I've come here, once. She's beautiful.

Yang ni mesti dekat rumah :)

Ok, ini si putih. kucing kesayangan Reha. that's our difference. Reha sayang kucing, n ayie takut kucing. XD

p/s : No words can describe on how grateful n blessed I am to know n having you as my bestfriend. Thanks for the friendship. I really hope we can stay this way. I'll pray for your happiness, here, always. I love you, sahabat ^_^

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