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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Words of the day , JEALOUSY :)

Assalamualaikum WBT ^_^

Selamat pagi terima kasih Ya Allah, saya bgun riang ria sentiasa :) *dedicated for all . Don't ever forget to show and express your gratitude to The Creator for giving you chance to live your life (still) for today :)
Syukran...Thanks.. Arigato.. Kamsahamnida.. Xie Xie.. Terima Kasih.. Maramin Salamat .. :)

So, the topic that I would like to discuss ( tgok atas sket, ha kan da nmpk ^_^ ).. JEALOUSY.. So, lets start with the definition.

According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, for the word "JEALOUS" there are 2 different definition which are ;

1) feeling angry and unhappy because someone has something that you wish you had.
Example of sentence : Polan, why are you so jealous of his success?

2) feeling angry and unhappy because someone you like or love is showing interest in another person, or   another person is showing interest in them.
Example of sentence : Babat was talking to Amira to make me jealous.

While on the other hand, JEALOUSY can be defined as the feeling of being jealous.

Uh huh ! ni dia example kita. Got from facebook. cute kn that guy? hihi. :p

Kalo ikot pendapat ayie, Jeles2 ni OK je dalam relationship. cuma kena berpada2. Jgn over sudahh., takot lain plak ending die kan. Somehow, this feeling of being jealous will strengthen the relationship and gave better understandings about your loved one. However, it should be taken seriously as it can leads to such big arguments and end up with nothing. Therefore both, boy and his girls, should work together to make their relationship works. :)) *tanak la gado2. sweet2 cukupla kn. (wink)

Differences between ENVY and JEALOUSY ?

In my opinion, in envy, there is no need for loved one. Because , envy is a desire for things :)


Jealousy arises due to the lack of sense in security in relation to the one that you love.

So, it is normal to have this kind of feeling especially towards your loved one. However, control your jealousy level and think positive ^_^
( If a guy get jealous, its kinda cute.. *Alolololo sweet sgt ! , but when a girl get jealous, World War is about to start . )


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